Friday, November 9, 2007

Dear Beloved One

Dear Beloved One,

Somewhere here i wait in this world of ours,
For my lonely soul is loosing through all the weary hours.
I have been hurt for several times but i know the hurt,
the pain and every tear that fell from my eyes are worthy,
because, i know it will lead me to the path where you are.

I don't know who you are and when will i meet you but i want you to know,
that I'm excited and I'm looking forward to that day,
when the fate decides to let us know each other.

Sometimes i wonder how we will meet...
Will i meet you in my favorite online game?
Will i be able to meet you in my school?
Or we're friends for several years but we just don't know that we are meant for each other?

I know that you are looking for me too like the way i am looking for you.
I just want you to know that I'll be just right here,
Waiting for that perfect time
... that time that God will set for us.

Maybe i sound mushy, but i just want to express this love in my heart.
I wonder how we will make those hugs, those kisses and those romantic dates.
I wonder how it feels to be wrapped around in your arms of love.
I wonder how it feels when our lips touched.

Someday we'll make it and i know we will be happy together.
Our days will be like green leaves with golden flowers,
I'm waiting for that one beautiful day so perfect and whole,
When my life's long night is ended,
and the way lies open onward to eternal day with you.


Frozen Fire said...

Wow napaka-mushy /gg Tama yan wag mo siyang hanapin, dadating at dadating din yan.

Enma said...

Naks! Nagblog narin!

Napaka-emosyonal naman nito. XD In-love ka ata eh.