Monday, November 12, 2007

Nearing "lights-on"


I was a novice, a cute little newbie in the world of Rune-Midgard.
I trained hard to be a merchant for almost 2 weeks.
By then, i have to decide what would i want to be when i grow up.
To be a strong-sexy woman-blacksmith, or to be a nerdy potion-brewer Alchemist.
Then, i decided to be an Alchemist. It is so hard to be an Alchemist, brewing potions for seiges, for selling it to earn some money and of course for my own usage.
My journey as an Alchemist lasted for almost 4 months.
Im made my journey long because I'm not ready yet to be transcended into a Biochemist.

After thinking for some time if i want to be a biochemist, I finally decided i wanted to.
I went to Valhalla and pleaded him that I wanted to be a Biochemist.
He is so kind that he took all of my memories but promised to give it back when the right time comes and then he blessed me to became a high novice--
after some time i became a high merchant.
He told me that i must repeat again the journey and the trials I've been through before i can reach my goal---to be a Biochemist.

By that time, i really really really wanted to travel around Rune-Midgard.
I worked hard, fight monsters, sell things so that i can supply for my necessities.
It took me almost 2 months to reach my dream, and then HOLA!
I am a Biochemist but then i thought that my journey doesn't end there.
I need to work harder to be able to reach level 99 so that i can be strong enough to face anyone.

It almost took me 4 months to reach level 98,
glady some kind citizens of Midgard helped me, namely;
DonTebats/^g^more, AngelMike and `pabuffs. Right now i am so happy.
Because, only .8 percent is left and my journey for levelling-up is finally is over.
I only need a few more bottles to throw for me to shine.

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