Thursday, November 15, 2007

A simple rainy day.

It was a rainy day today, thats why I needed to bring my sweatshirt/jacket, umbrella and a pair of havaianas in case it floods. My classmates and I are required to watch the play of our school's dramatic guild. I watched it with my friends and i found the play very entertaining eventhough the plot is just about call-center. Hehe! lolx! I enjoyed it somehow. ^_^ After that, I and some of my Godsmack friends waited outside the comp. shop because kuya Badjagg is not yet there to open it. @_@ argh, it's been drizzling but we still waited for about 20mins aww.. tagal!!!, but the wait was worthwhile, dapat nga uuwi na ko eh.. . To make the long story short I spend my whole morning at school and my afternoon at Godsmack Computer Shop ("official tambayan ko") playing DarkRO because I dont have load in pRO, Well, what can i say about my day?.. umm..It's like just a usual day for me, no big deals, no important events... just an ordinary day. ^_^

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