Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hedge Computer Shop ^_^

From planning to doing the act this is where my family and I started.
This week my family and I do the work of building our small business,opening a small computer shop and we named it HEDGE. >.<

Throughout the week we've been painting the walls, putting up wallpaper, installing games and other softwares on the PC's.

We didn't hire any carpenters/workers because we did dare each other that we can do it by ourselves only hehe! (lakas trip in short) Our dads, uncles and grandpa did the carpentry, our moms and aunts did the shopping for the materials and of course us - did the pangungulit! haha joke, we did the installation of games, softwares, we helped painting, and sticking the wallpaper and putting posters at the wall.

All of the our family members worked because we want the business to be put up by our own hands, not just the money involvement but the hard work and sacrifice we did. ^_^

It's been a great time specially last night (Saturday) we really had our bonding sessions with each other while cutting the wallpaper, mixing wallpaper glue, painting the edges of the wall, installing softwares, cleaning the whole area and many more. hehe ^_^


Aira said...

Good luck with the new family business! ;)

Deeanne said...

wee.. ang saya niyo naman. ^_^ kelan magbubukas yung shop ninyo at saan? *hugs* good luck